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1"x1" Waterdots (2 Litre bag)              


1"x1" Waterdots (1 Litre bag)

12"x12" Waterdots Squares

6"x6" Waterdots Mini Squares

12"x4" Waterdots Strips

PRODUCT                                      USES                                                   UNIT PRICE                             BOX OF 5

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Pots, gardens, trees, shrubs, baskets, cut flowers, hydroponics, ect.              
Smaller pots, indoor plants.


Hanging baskets, window boxes, planter liners                              

Hanging baskets, window boxes, planter liners

Window boxes, planters, trees, shrubs








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1 litre bag of 1"x1" Waterdots

(Left to Right) 12" x 12" Waterdots Square, 6" x 6" Waterdots Mini Square, 12"x4" Waterdots Strips, 1"x1" Waterdots

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