​Waterdot Squares keep plants in hanging baskets hydrated without giving them "wet feet". Baskets require less frequent watering.

*Results will vary depending on type of flower and environmental conditions.

​Waterdots in a vase have kept cut flowers thriving for up to a week without having to replenish water.*


1. Soak Waterdots in water for 3 minutes. *For best results mix liquid fertilizer in water then soak Waterdots.

2. Mix Waterdots with soil and fill pots. For deeper pots, mix Waterdots into middle layer of soil around and below the roots.

 As a general rule one-third to one-half of a 2 litre bag is adequate for a 10 inch to 12 inch pot. Of course, this depends on the local climate conditions - hot, dry conditions may require a greater proportion of Waterdots. And the type of plants - water loving plants like impatiens and begonias may require a greater proportion of waterdots than sedum, for example. For hanging baskets and window boxes we recommend liners. Some people use both liners and 'dots' if their hanging baskets conditions are challenging.

3. Plant!